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About Antiques

Antiques are the tools and objects of our past. Collecting old objects is an art in its own that is a great opportunity to learn a lot.

The things we now call antiquity were at one time an integral part of people's everyday life. Our present is literally built from these, and if we preserve these objects, the children of the future will be able to admire them.

There are always objects among them more practical we have not been able to devise ever since.

It is no coincidence that beautiful old furniture, antique or even retro objects can greatly enhance the atmosphere of the home.

With the spread of vintage, industrial or even loft trends, folk furniture, furnishings and decorative objects that have survived the last century became popular again.

That is why it is the mission of our company to preserve the traditions, and we are committed to make old objects known and loved by people all over the world, so that this idea is maintained for future generations.